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RumFish Grill has been TANKED!

The heart of our “fully-immersive” dining experience was designed and created by two brothers-in-law who run the largest aquarium manufacturing company in the nation, and are featured on Animal Planet’s hit series, TANKED. President of TradeWinds Island Resorts, Keith Overton, and Dr. Guy Harvey presented Wayde King and Brett Raymer of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) with the challenge of building three saltwater fish tanks, including a giant 33,500 gallon aquarium, for their new destination restaurant, RumFish Grill on St. Pete Beach. After accepting the challenge, Wayde and Brett were told they would only have one month to finish the project. Since no job is too big, too far, or too outlandish for the ATM crew, they assured Keith and Guy they had it all under control.

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Our project was definitely one of the most unique that TANKED has ever featured on their show. Not only did Wayde and Brett get to build several tanks for Guy Harvey, one of the world’s most renowned marine artists and conservationists, but they also had the opportunity to go fishing and diving with him. During their fishing excursion on the flats of Tampa Bay, Guy Harvey caught the largest sea trout he’s ever caught, which can now be found in the massive tank along with several other fish caught that day. All three tanks feature fish that are indigenous to Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico including snook, grouper, tarpon, southern stingrays, and even a green moray eel. Lionfish, an invasive species now causing havoc on the reefs of Florida and the Caribbean, are featured in the predator tank in our bar area.

As with any project, there were unexpected setbacks, miscalculations, and mega time crunches. However, they were able to pull it all together to create a truly amazing showcase for RumFish Grill and the Guy Harvey Outpost on St. Pete Beach. Not only will visitors get an up close view of these fish, but guests at the Guy Harvey Outpost will also have the opportunity to snorkel in the giant tank. Now that brings a whole new meaning to getting TANKED!

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